The Birth of Jefe


It all started when…

A meteor made of salty and crunchy tater tots fell from the sky. When it collided with the Earth it shattered and out emerged a baby girl with the power to create tater tots at will. She grew up crushing her foe with tots of fury.

In the same city a young boy was playing near a vat of Colorado green chili he slipped and fell in. When the boy climbed out he had full beard and Luchador mask on. As he grew he had urges to make delicious sauces and wrestle bears.

One day while walking eating his homemade Texas chili he bumped into the beautiful woman and his chili spilled into her tater tots. The man was shocked to see this amazing sight a beautiful woman holding a bowl of smothered tots. He took a bite and knew it was love at first bite.

The two ran off into the sunset to start the worlds first Smothered Tot and Brat truck run by super hero chefs.