The Jefe’s



Ryan “El Jefe” Lopez

Co-Owner and Sauce Master Ryan Lopez was born on the mean streets of Commerce City. He spent his childhood playing video games and watching bad horror and kung fu films. After having two mini Lopez’s he joined the world of IT to make ends meet. After years of climbing the IT ladder he saw a movie called Chef and decided to take a leap. He now spends his days slinging tots and experimenting in his kitchen creating new hot sauces.


Renee “La Jefa” Ruybal

Co-Owner and Potato Crusher Renee Ruybal also was born on the mean streets of Commerce City. She spent her childhood breaking hearts and rocking out at concerts. She has spent the last 12 years helping children with eye issues. After months of being badgered and begged she gave in and approved El Jefe’s to be born. She is the engineer of our brilliant process and recipe for our tater tots. She is and always will be the Queen of Tots.


Ciara and Damian “pequeño jefes” Lopez

Ciara is known for her mastery of the register and her ability to hypnotize people into buying up sale items. She spends her days learning, playing music and working an assassin for the highest bidder. Little is known about where she came from but one day she appeared at dinner and said she was El Jefe’s daughter……

Damian is the fastest runner around, most customers don’t even see their food appear at their table. Damian is known for his skills at smashing people at fortnight, defeating whole teams by himself at dodge ball and using his cuteness to infiltrate his enemies organizations.


Mohawk Bikini “Jefe de perro” Lopez AKA MoMo

Some say she is the real boss of El Jefe’s but there has been no proof. You will rarely see her on the truck she is a hands off master. If you mess with her you will get her fangs. She is part Corgi, part Lion and all bad mofo.